Supply tanks and gas station containers

Krampitz tank containers

Krampitz is a highly specialized manufacturer of steel storage and transport tanks. Our filling station units are mainly used for the storage of fuels and lubricants as well as for fuel supply.

30 years of experience in the construction of tanks e.g. B. for extreme applications (earthquake zones, flood-prone areas, climatic zones) guarantee you a high quality, safety and an optimal design of our products.

More than 40,000 manufactured units represent the trust of many customers from all over the world.

Tank container series KCS "Smart"

Krampitz gas station containers are robust, highly secure, quickly assembled container systems with extensive international approvals. They are used in all areas of professional fuel supply.

Tank container series KCC "Compact"

Krampitz storage tanks are single-walled or double-walled day tanks and storage tanks. A high safety standard enables use in all industrial sectors as a day tank and storage tank, e.g. as a diesel tank, petrol tank, oil tank, kerosene tank, heating oil tank, vegetable oil tank.

Tank container series KCU "Universal"

Krampitz double-walled transport tanks for diesel, petrol, kerosene and lubricating oil - safe, reliable and highly flexible. Our tanks are known for their extreme stability, high security and very good usability. They are used worldwide on all continents. Our mining containers are considered "indestructible".

Krampitz large tank farms: The innovative container solutions from Krampitz guarantee the highest level of security and are functional, versatile and robust at the same time. They act as mobile filling stations, tank farms and transport tanks.

Krampitz oil supply systems for power plants, mining machines, workshops: The optimal supply of machines, vehicles and devices with lubricants for a long machine service life. More profit through modern maintenance of machines and systems.

Krampitz Equipment for tank systems: Pumps (fuel pumps, oil pumps) and tank accessories (level sensors) for conveying or sucking off thin-bodied to lubricious media.