Transport tanks

Centaur®: multi-functional durable transportation tank and storage tank system for the logistics in the 21st Century.
- modern, safe logistics of fuels for transportation, transit and storage
- optimal utilization of space through cubic form, euro pallet dimension as well as stackability for transportation and storage
- all-around arranged tension sleeves and lifting eys ensure the maximal security during transportation, loading and stacking

The Centaur® is a transport and a storage tank system, which sets standard in functionality, ease of operation and security. These components of modern logistics can be used individually or as tank battery, stationarily or transportably employed. The durable, double-walled structure from steel guarantees long-life cycle, the integrated vacuum leakage indicator security. The Centaur® is the best for the use in logistics enterprise, the chemical industry, in the mineral oil trade, machine and building of aggregates as well as in the disaster control or in trouble areas.

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