The UNIVERSAL filling stations (KCU) are particularly suitable for commercial filling stations. For example, for highways with many refueling processes.

The UNIVERSAL petrol station modular system (KCU) for professional installations

The KCU system consists of the central, double-walled main storage tank (type KCU-ST, 40ft. HC as 1-, 2- or 3-chamber version) with two niches for central control and transfer pumps for filling the storage tank from tank trucks.

The system's own containerised open dispenser platforms (type KCU-P, standard size 10ft. HC) are docked at the front left or right side of the storage tank KCU-ST.

The platform consists of a liquid-tight floor assembly with sump tray and light grid cover, as well as a universal dispenser platform to accommodate a wide variety of dispensers for operation from both sides.

The KCU-P is closed with a container roof, equipped with rain drains and can therefore also be used independently as an island solution.

The roof module KCU-DM serves as a professional supplement to the KCU-P platform. It is mounted above the dispenser platform and covers the entire refuelling area on both sides of the KCU-P.

For the individual expansion of the tank chambers, the KCU-ST is equipped with three smaller, double-walled additional tanks (type KCU-ST4.6, -6.6 and -10) in the sizes 5,000, 8,000 and 10,000 litres. This allows the fuel range to be extended or enlarged quickly and easily.

The single-walled room modules (type KCU-R) are offered in the same dimensions as the auxiliary tanks and are used for storing or accommodating additional equipment. Equipment as a small office with insulation and window is also possible.

The KCU system is permanently connected via the container corners of the modules using state-of-the-art "Quick-Tie" connections. Due to static requirements, robust container fastening consoles are offered for the foundation fastening of the filling station modules. These fix the container frame undetachably on the foundation of the filling station.