1 m² Coating inside - bottom tray - for oily mediums

  • SKU: L-I-1-ÖL-30

Corrosion protection for resistance to exposure to oily, non-aggressive media such as lubricating oil, heating oil, diesel, biodiesel, gasoline or cooling/lubricating water, which do not tend to become statically charged.

- Coating area: floor and 300 mm of the side walls
- Corrosion protection of the remaining surfaces such as roof and top of side walls by spraying with diesel oil
Surface preparation floor and side walls from the bottom 300 mm upwards
- Sandblasting Grit (Sa 2.5; Rz 50-65)
- 2K ceramic composite coating
surface preparation roof and side walls from 300 mm upwards
- clean
- oiling of all surfaces

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  • Production time: 20 - 80 Workdays (DE - int. shipments may differ)
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