1 m² Coating inside - bottom tray - for oily mediums

  • SKU: L-I-1-ÖL-30

Single or multi-layer color structure  - bottom tray -
Corrosion protection for endurance because of the use of oily, non-aggressive mediums like lubricant oil, fuel oil, Diesel, Biodiesel, Petrol, or cooling- or lubricating water that dont tend to static charges

- Coating area: complete floor and 300 mm of the walls
- Surface preparation: Sandblasting Grit (Sa 2,5; Rz 50-65)
- Layers 2 ceramic-composite layers
- Total layer thickness NDFT: 500µm
remaining areas are raw
incl. Material surcharge

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  • Production time: 20 - 80 Workdays (Other countries)
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