Storage tank double-walled 40ft, stack on top, diesel

Storage Tank Container UNIVERSAL 40 ft. High Cube (HC) double-walled for professional applications, 1-chamber version as storage tank, especially for stacking in limited space.

- made out of mild steel S 235 JR
- ISO version/dimensions CSC standard
- Heavy container frame with 8 ISO corners
- Double walled, robust, cubical shape
- Vacuum between double walls, with certified leakage detection system
- Certified acc. German DIBT: Z-38.12-312
- Designed for outdoor installation
- Volume 100% filling height appr.: 54,400 ltr.
- Volume 95% filling height appr.: 51,700 ltr.

Standard dimension:

- ISO 40ft. HC
- Length appr.: 12,192 mm
- Width appr.: 2,438 mm
- Height appr.: 2,896 mm
- Tankheight appr.: 2,500 mm
- Weight appr.: 12,900 kg (without equipment, empty)

  • Production time: 12-14 weeks
Note: At the moment prices only on request